Sunday, September 2, 2012

Second grade!!!

Still cannot believe Colten started second grade this past week!!! Summer came to a close all too quickly this year, seems like we made the most of it for sure!!!

We met Colten's teacher the Friday before school began and found out who would be in his class this year.  Surprisingly, a whopping 10 of his friends from last year and several from kinder are together!!!  He was elated...

He was very passive about starting back to school and I was super anxious for some reason.  He was ready to go Monday morning, however and jumped right out of bed all last week eager to get ready and head out the door...MUCH different from the past two years.  The week flew by and he seemed to really enjoy each day.  He has commented several times how much he enjoys his teacher (if you know Colten, this is a little "out of the norm" for him)!!!  So far, so great...he seems very excited about 2nd grade and what is in store for the year...I'm relieved and excited for him!!!  Off to a great start...

our 2nd grader

outside of school

waiting outside the classroom

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vacationing in Tyler

This summer our annual Page/Chance summer vacation spot was Tyler, TX.  Lana's parents were kind enough to let us "invade" their house and spend a few days playing and relaxing.  And I mean invading in the nicest way...with 4 adults and 7 kids, we pretty much take over every inch it seems!!!  The great thing is our kiddos are all within 5 to 8 months of one another, so lots of playmates for everyone.  We had a really wonderful time hanging out, taking "mini" adventures, exploring Tyler and just catching up.  Our family arrived VERY late Wednesday, so the next morning was spent sleeping in (just a little), having lunch, taking naps and then heading out.  We took the kiddos to "Jumping Jacks", an inflatable playground with obstacle courses, slides, climbing walls, sports courts, jumpers and more for ALL ages.  Everyone had a blast and burned off ALOT of energy for a full two hours!!!

Carrys on the slides

Colten on top of the obstacle course

Daddy and Cambry racing
there she goes

Colten mastering the climbing wall

Carrys' turn

Cambry trying the climbing wall
Colten & Drew at the top
The next day we played in the morning and stopped by the Brookshire Brothers Wildlife Museum/playground/gift shop.  We explored the animal exhibits up close and personal, took a tour of an old-time grocery/general store and played on the huge playground.  That afternoon we left the littlest girls with Lana's mom and took the BIG kids to an indoor water park.  What a great concept!!!  There were little and big slides, a lazy river, wave pool and everything "water-related" imaginable.  We were worn out after 2 full hours of water fun!!!  We grabbed dinner for everyone and headed back to the house.  Great, great day!!!
Alivia and Carrys

Doug and the kiddos catching up on the Olympics

sweet friends already
entrance to the wildlife museum

our crew
Cambry...a Mighty Moose?

ROAR...this guy was incredible!!!

Carrys wanted to "pet" EVERYTHING

on the playground, a merry-go-round!!!
Carrys on a tiger

and up and down the playscape
Saturday afternoon we loaded up and headed to Doug and Lana's house in Kaufman, just a short drive from Tyler.  We spent some time driving around Kaufman, doing some more playing and catching up on the Olympics!!!  It was great to see their house and the church where Doug preaches.  What a great congregation, amazing things are happening with some pretty wonderful people in this small community.  We were thrilled to be a part of Sunday morning worship and privileged to meet everyone.  We drove to a nearby town for lunch after church and said our goodbyes then headed back home.

walking from the house to the church building Sunday morning

sweet sweet...Aaron and Carrys

our families, so blessed by our friendship!!!

What a great time we had together!!!  For the most part everyone got along, such a bonus (we have a pretty good mix of some STRONG personalities)!!! :)  Looking forward to our ADULTS ONLY cruise in November, what will we do without 7 kiddos???

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Stuff

SO hard to believe it's the last week of "summer" and school begins next week...eek!!!  Around here we're ready one day and not wanting to say goodbye to summer the next.  We've had lots of fun the entire summer with trips, birthdays, sports and much more.  Here's a little snippet of the final going-ons in July for the Chance household. 

slip-and-slide afternoon

oh what fun!!!


our bathing beauty, not wanting to get too wet
Caleb and Gary worked on our back deck and it is officially finished, pictures to come.  We can't wait to enjoy it more and more as the weather cools down and we can spend more time outside without overheating!!!

the back, pre-deck

back balcony

little helpers cooling off with a popsicle

relaxing while the guys work
posts and frame up

making progress
The Spurs had a great season and we ended it with a family pizza/awards party to celebrate!!!

Colten and Mason, just goofy!!!

best of buds...Cambry and Nate
Coach giving his end-of-season speech

trophies for each and a special word for each teammate

the 2012 Summer Spurs!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

River Vacation

Near the beginning of July we spent several days with my family at the Guadalupe River RV Resort in Kerrville.  My parents brought their motor home down and also rented two cabins for everyone to stay in.  It was wonderful!!!  I was highly impressed with the resort, offering two pools, a game room, a playground, river access, basketball courts and more!!!  There was so much to do and something for everyone.  The BIG kids ended up bunking with my parents and so the couples and "babies" each got their own cabin.  It was such a memorable weekend, loaded with fun and lots of relaxing!!!  It's a sure vacation spot for all of us again!!!

playing at the playground with Oni

Carry Faye in her pjs

the boys rode bikes all over the grounds

swinging with Oni

precious Ryder, just going with the flow
the two of us

mom and dad's RV

guest/registration center

playing a little b-ball

Cambry witting with Uncle Ricky

family swim time

beautiful bathing beauty Kalyn

Cambry and Granden
down by the river

the babies, hopefully best of buds!!!

having some snow cones

Daddy asking for a bite from Cambry
thinking about a swim in the river

grilling out

kiddo's table

my sweet babes

Carrys about to slide down
entrance into the resort

Ingram dam

Caleb sliding down

there goes Colten

and Cambry with Daddy

even Granden had a few turns

Carrys ready to eat out!!!

the crew...heading home

Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful location and trip!!!  We all had a blast and always enjoy making memories together!!!  Already excited about next summer and our time together.